The ultimate book for film lovers with short attention spans

Journalists hail Four Word Film Reviews as "brilliant" (The Associated Press), "clever" (Los Angeles Times) and "insanely addictive" (Miami Herald).

Since the popular website started in 1999, it has been written about in dozens of major newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times, Time Magazine and Entertainment Weekly.

Now more than 1,500 of the funniest reviews have been collected into a new book from Adams Media. In a market flooded with straight-forward film review guides and long works of cinematic criticism, this book stands apart because - as you can guess by the title - all the reviews are funny and four words or less.

While the reviews in FWFR might lack the kind of thumbs up/ thumbs down ratings that can reduce arguments about what to rent at the video store, the book’s jokes, insights and puns provide a refreshing take on a genre of criticism that has taken itself far too seriously for far too long.