Benj Clews lives in London, England, and created the Four Word Film Review website in 1999 after working on a mercifully short-lived web-based comic strip called Technopheeb. Clews, who has a degree in math and computing from Sheffield University, is a part-time stand-up comedian, a full-time web developer, and a hideously out-of-time banjo player.


Michael Onesi was a daily newspaper reporter and editor for 13 years. He has worked and written for some of Canada's top newspapers, including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Sun, Whitehorse Star, Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal and the Kingston Whig-Standard. He currently works for Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. His three children (Kathleen, Olivia and Benji) are disappointed their dad's first book isn't about dragons, Barbie or the Jonas Brothers.


More than 125 extremely succinct Roger Ebert-wannabes contributed to this book. While many of these are from Britain, America, Canada and Australia, a few reside in Singapore, Croatia, Israel, Thailand, Holland, Turkey and Poland.

Who are these people? They include the brother of the actor from those cool Old Spice commercials ("Hello Ladies. Now look at your man. Now back to me. Now back to your man. Now back to me. Now I'm on horse."), an Emmy-nominated reality TV producer and editor, a copy editor at the Globe and Mail (one of Canada's largest newspapers), a computer programmer from Melbourne, an actress from London (who has performed alongside Woody Allen, Warren Beatty and Barbra Streisand), plus the usual bunch of Internet loners, shut-ins and psychopaths.

Some people are identified by a combination of their real names, FWFR username and a four-word message. Others preferred to remain anonymous, choosing to be credited only by their username for reasons we've been legally advised not to ask.

Srinivas (aahaa, muahaha) G.;India; "Four words should do."
Adam (Adam Grilli) Grilli; Great Dunmow, Essex, U.K.; "4 words? Perfectly adequate."
Al Swearengen
Ali (Ali) Arikan; Istanbul, Turkey; "Turk that!"
Andrew (Andrew) Lydon; Galway, Ireland
Alex (Animal Mutha) Muth; Porthcawl, Bridgend, South Wales; "Who woulda thunk it."
Toby (AussieCanuck) Malone; Toronto/Perth; "Reviewing Four Australia, Canada."
Beth (BaftaBabe) Porter; U.S.A./U.K.; "fwfr - my only addiction!"
Benjamin (Beanmimo) Moore; Dalkey, Co. Dublin, Ireland; "Exclude me in here!!"
benj clews; London, England; "Much shorter in person."
Ben (bennyr81) Rose; Manchester, England.
Bernie (Bernie) Keating
Martin (bife) McGregor; Newbury, Singapore; "Kai's stolen my xbox."
Douglas (BiggerBoat) Bebb; London, England; "Bigger, faster, stronger... drunker."
Brian (Boydegg) Boyd; Llantwit Major, Wales; "Check out Grammarman Comic."
Donovan (Brass Johnson) Johnson; Columbus, OH; "Life, Movies, Pursuit, Happiness!"
Brent (brentrn) Thompson; New London, PA; "Clews' reviews offer clues."
Brody (B-ROD) Kenny; Lexington, KY; "The shorter the better."
Colin (c dot) Mancer; Toronto, Canada; "Enjoy! Here's three more."
Chris (calmer) Ifekwunigwe; Los Angeles, CA; "Sensibly seeking self-stimulation."
Curt (Canklefetish) Bizovi; Newark, DE; "Fwiffering keeps Cankle content."
Charles (chazbo) Harding; Denver, CO; "Looking back, pressing fourword."
David (Cheddar's Finest) B. Macdonald; Cheddar, Somerset, U.K. "Believe in Blue Birds!"
Cheese_Ed; Colby, ‘Whizconsin', U.S.A.; "Molds reel cheesy editorials."
Davida (ChocolateLady) Chazan; Jerusalem, Israel; "Chocolatey Delicious and F(WFR)amous!"
Chris (Chris C) Coolbear; Bucklesham, England; "Four words, never backwards."
Gary (clay) W. Bowers; Phoenix, AZ; "GREAT Succinctness Training! Thanks!!"
Dave (Conan the Westy) Westaway; Ballarat, Australia; "Free film fun. Fanks!!"
Joy (Corduroy Pillow) Yokoyama; Kingston, Canada: "It's a punderful life."
Richard (CrackerJack) Hoffman; Butler, PA; "Flicks site picks rights!"
Malcolm (damalc) C. Knox; Louisville, KY; "DON'T steal this book."
Dan (danimal) Meyer; Orlando, FL; "Four thumbs up!"
Dante (Dante) A. Bacani; Chicago, IL; "Grateful to be included!"
Dave (davedavedave) Cappuccitti; Newmarket, ON
Dominic (demonic) Brewer; London, England.
djw1973; "Show me the money!"
Douglas (Dovaj) Orlyk; Bloomingdale, IL; "Honored to be included."
A. (Downtown) David Brown; Boston, MA; "Four me, for you."
E.L.F.; Brightlingsea, Essex, U.K.; Small, but perfectly formed!"
Alex (el guapo) Rose, Manchester, England
Mike (Eminence Front) Ford; Brick, NJ; "Sun shines. People forget."
Andrew (EvilAndy) Scott Wells; Jefferson City, MO; "Laughing at verbosity's expense."
Scott (Gentleman Ghost) Harrison; Aptos, CA; "Brevity: soul of wit."
Guy (GHcool) Handelman; Los Angeles, CA; "Acknowledgment is empowerment."
Rick (Grumpy) Harris; Wellington.
George (hustleboy007) Litman; Marietta, OH; "Thank you, Benj Clews!"
Jeffrey (JanglerNPL) Harris; Nashville, TN.
Joe (Joe Blevins) Blevins; Arlington Heights, IL; "Swell idea this, Benj!"
Anthony (Josh the cat) Cadle, East Yorkshire, England; "Shortened reviews, heightened enjoyment."
Justin credible
Ken (Ken) Kie; Chicago-ish, IL; "I'm in a book!"
Dave (Koli) Collier; Newport; "Striving lackadaisically for perfection."
Tom (kolo) Colley; Motown, USA; "kolo salutes Benj's book."
Noel (lamhasuas) O'Hora; Bristol, U.K.; "I give up. Almost."
Larry (Larry) Stallings; Orlando, FL; "Fourtunate to be included."
Larry (Larry B) Brown; Waterloo, Canada; "Next stop: five words!"
Jim (lemmycaution) Grace; Toronto, Canada; "Marilyn's fourbearance gracefully acknowledged."
Lindsay (Lindsa) Mutch; Wellington, New Zealand: "Film: Seeing is disbelieving."
Lindsey (Lindsey K) Kalenborn.
Gene (Little Old Lady from Dubuque) Perry; Dubuque, IA; "Decidedly NOT a ‘Lady!'"
Paul (mampers) Mampilly; Basildon; "The FWFR abides man."
Chris (mandodgingdebris) Brown; Nashua, NH.
Mark B
Mark (Markandlain) Westaway; Brisbane, Australia; "fwfr forever."
Matt ([matt]) Roach; London, England; "To awesome four words."
Melissa (MelissaS) Smith; Brunswick, Australia; "Thankyou my moviegoer friends."
John (MguyX) W. Mustafa; Los Angeles, CA; "I'm loving every minute."
Nicholas (MM0rkeleb) Rupprecht; Gurnee, Illinois, USA; "God bless the FWFR!"
Emily (Montgomery) Desmond; Huntington Woods, MI; "Thanks for including me."
Eric (Mr Savoir Faire) Yesbick; Leesburg, GA; "I'm published! Hi Mom!"
Paul (noncentz) Coyne; Los Angeles, CA; "Master of fourin' language."
Eoin (numbersix_99) O'Faolain; Dublin, Ireland; "I'd like to thank..."
Owen (Obie) Burn; Newport, South Wales; "Four: Bex, Molly, Evan."
Paul Bennison; Lickey End, Worcestershire, U.K.
Pope George Ringo
Adam (punz) Spellicy; Melbourne, Australia; "Abridged too far?"
Sarah (Puzzgal) Dickey; St. Louis, MO.
rabid kazook
randall; New York, NY; "Wisecrackers fill book? Unreal!"
Real-life Lisa
RedKate; New York, NY.
Tom (redPen) Pender; Macon, GA; "FWFR = fabulous film fun!"
RockGolf; Canada
Rohan (Rocat) Jayasekera; Toronto, Canada; "Next: FWBR for books."
Ken (rockfsh) Kuniyuki; Honolulu, HI; "Madison, not yet four."
Ian (Rovark) Elliott; Eltham/ London, U.K.; "Life's lived four-words."
Sean (Seán) McGrath; New Zealand; "I like four play."
David (Sludge) Wolfberg; Los Angeles, CA; "Dear Hollywood: I apologize."
Dustin (Smeghead) Hedin; Taylorsville, UT; "Thanks Benj! Cool website!"
Tom (soda) de Kryger, Holland; "Seems funnier on paper."
Sam (SoS) Goodwin; Reading, England; "FWFR Amusement Park. Punland."
Karen (Stalean) Dawes Colley; Sterling Heights, MI; "Thanks for the memories."
Suzie (suzie) Philippot; Calgary, Canada; "She lives fo(u)r words."
David (The Prof) Hannah; Vancouver, Canada; "A book? Great idea!"
Mario (thefoxboy) Lanza; Melbourne, Australia; "Four your eyes only."
Brandon (TitanPa) Hower; Williamsport, PA; "Striving four better words."
Victoria (Tori) Keen; Fort Worth, TX; "I don't get it."
tortoise; Sussex, U.K.; "Don't applaud, throw money."
Bryan (Turrell) Turriff; Little Rock; "Thanks four the fun!"
Weeble-head Boy
Scott (Wheelz) McLean; Naperville, IL; "Grateful four the recognition!"
Jeff (Whippersnapper) Goldberg; London, England; "Coulda been a somebody..."
Liz (Wildheartlivie) Patrick; Indiana; "Watching hard, writing harder."
Tony (Yenser) Johnson; Stockport; "Fanks. Wonderful For Relaxation."
Michael (Yukon) Onesi; Kingston, Canada; "Publishing: I'm not Clew-less."
Ian (zulu) Bendelow.