"At www.fwfr.com, with no more than four words, users summarize - often with brilliant simplicity - the largest of summer hits and the most self-righteous of critical darlings."
- Jake Coyle, The Associated Press
"The Four Word Film Review website takes the idea of capsulized film review to the extreme ... Many movies have been whittled down to pithy, but clever, statements."
- Christine N. Ziemba, Los Angeles Times
"A fun film forum. (Movie) fans will enjoy it ... Beware: It is addictive."
- Al Gibes, Las Vegas Review-Journal
"Despite the brevity of the reviews, be prepared to waste a lot of time on the insanely addictive site. It's hard to stop poring through the bite-sized critiques."
- Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald
"This site is the ultimate honor to tight writing. Revenge of the Sith has been boiled down to ‘Turn of the Jedi' or ‘Lucas makes ends meet.' Rather clever."
- Jules Allen, St. Petersburg Times (Florida)

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"Armchair Manny Farbers post their opinions: sometimes silly, sometimes apt, always concise... The best part is crafting your own four-word torpedo and taking out the latest Hollywood blubbernaut. To put it succinctly: ‘DIY criticism: endless fun.' "
- Michael Connor, Austin Chronicle
"FWFR is astonishingly and addictively time consuming. Once you visit the site, you're almost certain to read a lot more than four words."
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"Want to know the scoop on the latest movies but only want the bare minimum? Check out Four Word Film Review where surfers submit simple, yet somehow incredibly insightful reviews in four words or less ... You'll be impressed at how much can be packed into four simple words."
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- Nui Te Koha, Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia)
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"I just had the pleasure of meeting a very interesting group of people, the Four Word Film Review members. What they do is very clever and funny, so I'd like to review them myself: ‘Succinct is the word.' "
- Terry Rawlings, Oscar-nominated editor of Chariots of Fire, Alien and Goldeneye